Get points for predicting results of official NBA games and NBA season awards.

How to predict?

Its really simple, just log in to your account, go to Predictions section. There you will find all games of that day. Enter the final results, submit predictions and hope for the best!

Points system

Here is how our points system works, its really simple once you get used to them:

  • + 5 points for each correct winner prediction. (If game was Hawks vs Celtics, you predicted final result 110:120 and the final result is 120:123, you get 5 points, because Celtics won, just like you predicted!)
  • - 4 points if you predicted wrong winner. (If game was Hawks vs Celtics, you predicted 110:120 and the final result is 120:115 you loose 4 points, because Hawks won and you predicted opposite)

Additional Predictions

In bonus, to make this game even more interesting, we offer you a chance to predict these

  • + 25 points Most Valuable Player
  • + 25 points Most Improved player
  • + 25 points Rookie of the year
  • + 25 points 6th player of the year
  • + 25 points Defensive player of the year
  • + 25 points Team with best wins/looses ratio

Each correct prediction is worth 25 points! You can predict these only until All star game. So make sure to do that.

Worth to mention

You do not have to make a predictions on every game. You can leave score fields empty if you do not want to predict one of the games, you will not win or loose any points on that one.

You can predict only before the start of the game. Feel free to edit your predictions until that time.


Predictors can get various badges for good results. Every day/week/month we calculate most accurate predictors and give them achievements. You can check them out here.

What is next?