Future NBA Hall Of Famers. (Part 1)

Last night 13 new members joined The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall Of Fame. Including NBA legends: Steve Nash, Ray Allen, Jason Kidd and Grant Hill. We decided to take a deeper look at former NBA players, and try to predict which of them will be a future NBA hall of famers.


First of all, it is important to list requirements that players must meet, to be eligible for The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall Of Fame. According to HoopHall:

 "A player must be fully retired for four full seasons before being eligible for Enshrinement."

In his fifth year of retirement, his candidacy can be under consideration. A screening committee of 7 members then vote. If 5 of those 7 committees voted yes, then another Honors committee vote. If 75% of them voted yes - player is officially in hall of fame. 

Of course, we cannot get into committees minds and know exactly whether they would vote for or vote against specific players, but we will try our best to predict which players are so great that should definitely be in hall of fame in some time in the future.

As our own criteria, we list only those players that have been playing in the NBA at least for the last 5 years and will play at 2018/19 season, that is enough to see player's potential in the future and how he is playing right now.

Lamarcus Aldridge

Aldridge and Batum

We start of with a 50/50 case. Even tough Lamarcus Aldridge was selected 2nd in 2006 NBA draft and earned his name as one of the best power forwards in the league, we cannot be 100% sure whether he will be in hall of fame. His years in Portland, with Damian Lillard was promising. But in western conference there is no easy season no matter how good your team is. In 2015, as Portland Trail Blazers won division title but sadly lost in the first round in the playoffs against Memphis team. When Lamarcus joined Spurs in 2015/16 season, the majority of NBA fans expected them to be one of top 3 teams. 67-15 record proved same thing, but again, lost in Playoff semi-finals. After that, as Spurs leaders aged and retired or were traded, we see that Spurs will not likely to be considered as the top NBA team for not a short period of time and that lessens Aldridge chances to win an NBA ring. It is possible for him to be traded or do not extend his contract with Spurs. Anyway, Lamarcus is 6 times NBA all star, 2 times NBA second team, 3 times NBA third team, and under some circumstances, he can definetely increase his chances to become a future NBA hall of famer even more.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis is funny

This guy is only 23 years old, but he is already played 5 seasons in NBA, so we just have to add him to this list. We all know his physical abilities and that he can play in all five positions like Magic or Lebron, but we also see his attitude for hard work: 2nd NBA defensive team, Most Improved Player Of The Year. In addition, he already 2 times NBA all star and 2 times NBA second team. There is no doubt that only injuries can stop him from entering Hall of Fame.

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony clapping

As Carmelo approaching age of 35. There are a lot of talks going on, that Carmelo cannot win NBA ring because of his style of playing. True scorer, but not a true leader when team need him the most. Anthony played only once in conference finals with Nuggets and never won MVP award, but there are other factors, which cannot be denied. He is 10 times NBA all star, 2 times NBA second team, 3 times NBA third team, NBA scoring champion, NCAA champion, and his number is retired by Syracuse university. How many players you know that have such honor? Most importantly, he is considered to be a true USA patriot. Played in 4 Olympic games and became a mentor for younger players in Rio. Now, as he joined Rockets, Carmelo has the best chance in his whole career to become NBA champion, that one trophy that is missing from his amazing collection. Teaming up with Harden and Paul, who already led the team to Conference Finals last year and lost to Warriors only by one game, adding Carmelo can boost a team up even more and shut all critics up that he is ruining teams rather than helping them.

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